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Introducing B2b Marketplace Sites

B2b Marketplace Sites are online e-commerce platforms operated by a company whose objective is not to sell their own products, but to facilitate technology for buyers and sellers to have a meeting point where to do business online. They can focus on business-to-business (B2B), consumer (B2C) or show the public bidding (B2G).

In the following article, we are going to disaggregate the current situation of online stores of B2b Marketplace Sites and the advantages they can bring to a company.

Ecommerce between companies is not a substitute for the figure of the commercial. Rather, it is a tool that supports the sales team to sell with a more direct, simple and comfortable channel. The customer can place the orders during the 24 hours of the day, access his invoices and all the information that interests him.

Having a B2b Marketplace Sites portal adapted to mobiles and tablets (responsive design) is fundamental. Both to help the seller to sell with the devices in the commercial presentations and to position in the search engines, since the latter is a requirement of the main search engines, especially Google.

Advantages of B2b Marketplace Sites online store

Sales Tool – B2b Marketplace Sites portal for a company serves as a sales tool where we can receive and issue orders for their clients in a comprehensive way. In short, it can be said that it is useful as a motor for customer loyalty and customer attraction.

Ease the sales process – In the middle of the Digital Age, a B2b Marketplace Sites portal facilitates the sales process and can play the role of assistant or companion for your commercial team. It is the ideal sales channel to be able to process and manage orders in a personalized and comfortable way through an online store for companies enabled for any device: computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Payment process – The payment process is also much more convenient and automatic, with no refunds or delays. You can prepare the order to the customer or you can do the same from the B2B online store and at the time of making the payment, you can choose between the payment methods that you will find available in these eCommerce, select the delivery method and know the State of your.

B2b Marketplace Sites online store is very different from a B2C

B2B Marketplace Sites portal has a different approach to a particular online customer shop (B2C). It is clear that there are many common aspects, but there are very divergent characteristics that you must take care that your Business to Business store is just what your company needs.

The main success stories in B2B e-commerce demonstrate that it is not good to share the same eCommerce for B2B and B2C strategy. The explanation you find in the peculiar characteristics of each public since it has nothing to do with how to buy a company and how to buy a private.

The following are the most relevant differences:

  • B2B Portal
  • Prices without VAT
  • Public or hidden prices, only visible to registered users
  • Private access pages
  • Validation of registered users
  • Custom discounts for customers with minimum orders
  • Setting Taxes and Taxes for Export
  • Custom Client Zone
  • Automation and digitization of processes (invoices, orders, customer data)
  • Repeat recurring orders

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